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Go from clueless and stressed to rocking your own business.


So You Want to Grow A Business...But How?

You might be feeling...

  • Like you're "just" a therapist
  • Frustrated with the treadmill of your regular caseload
  • Curious how to pivot your expertise to a profitable business
  • Stressed out even thinking about taxes, contracts, and marketing
  • Like business ownership isn't for people like you

I felt the same way... 


I'm Marissa Rocheleau, a licensed speech language pathologist turned business owner. I help entrepreneurs define their own path to make their business dreams a reality.

After working as a therapist for just a few years, I knew that the daily grind of therapy wasn't for me. And kudos to those that it is, but my passion was meant for a different purpose. It took me a long time to figure out what that niche was, from focusing on evaluations, to looking into a PhD, and even professional dog sitting. 

Now I run a successful private practice, Linguabilities, the membership website Telepractice Connect, and offer business coaching for people just like me - those that want to make a big change, but need some guidance. 

I wish I had invested earlier in business coaching. It would have be a much quicker, cheaper journey than the one I had! Let me guide you through proven steps to start and grow your business ideas into a tangible, life-changing experience.

Private Business Coaching with Marissa

Most entrepreneurs who are interested in business either have NO idea where to start, or think of a million ideas that go NO where. That's frustrating and likely to make you give up.

By investing in professional coaching from a seasoned veteran and accessing individually tailored, proven content for your business, you more than double your chance of success in business ownership.

Let me guide you through how to align your values with an actual market need, design a product, and prepare a launch or scale that ACTUALLY works. If you're thinking, "I don't even know what a launch is!", that's okay. I work with beginners to advanced business owners alike. 


What Will I Learn? 

Aligning Yourself to the Market

Learn how your core values and expertise should drive product offerings in alignment with market need.

Filings and Paperwork

Learn the paperwork you'll need to get started or expand and how to streamline your documentation process to avoid extra work.

Online Presence

Learn how to structure a solid online presence including a professional website, social media presence, and email sequencing. 

Proven Marketing Strategies

Learn the basics of marketing for your niche from social media to paid ads and word of mouth.

Scaling Your Business 

Learn how to scale your business so you spend less of your time and make more money.

Managing Others

Learn when to bring others on to the team and how to supervise them effectively.

People Marissa Has Helped...

Learn More Today 

Here's How Marissa Can Help...

Intro or Follow-Up Coaching


Try out business coaching or ask follow-up questions with

  • 2x 15 minute individual Q/A sessions via Zoom
  • Save 10% off intro/follow-up coaching with any package at Try-it-Out or above



Try-It-Out Coaching


Dive into business coaching for real

  • Save time with an intro quiz to give Marissa your burning questions before you actually meet
  • 1x 1 hour individual Q/A session via Zoom
  • 10% discount on any follow-up sessions

Full Service Coaching


Rocket launch your business with full-service coaching

  • Save time with an intro quiz to give Marissa your burning questions before you actually meet
  • 1x 1 hour individual Q/A session via Zoom
  • 2x 30 minute follow-up sessions via Zoom
  • 1 month of access to unlimited texts, emails, and calls
  • 10% discount on any follow-up sessions

Elite Experience Coaching


Get the most bang for your buck

  • 2x 1 hour Q/A sessions via Zoom
  • 4x 30 minute follow-up sessions via Zoom
  • 2 months of access to unlimited texts, emails, and calls
  • Tailored resources and guides for YOUR business
  • 10% off any follow-up sessions


What People Are Saying...

Alison W.

“As an experienced owner and operator of a telepractice company, I signed up for the Ethics course and the Landing Teletherapy Clients and Contracts. Even having a good knowledge base and experience with these concepts, I gleaned excellent new information from both courses to benefit and optimize my practice. Marissa is very thorough with her content and covers all bases to give you the knowledge needed to be a successful business owner. I highly recommend her courses!”

Nancy B.

“I just want to think you for all your help. It was invaluable. … These last few months have been grueling, between trying to maneuver through COVID, reopening my business, trying to incorporate my website, downsizing, pivoting my business, and moving my business all last week. My head is still spinning.” 



Lori M.

“Marissa helped me tremendously with my business and developing a plan to start marketing my course. She also is resourceful, encouraging and organized. I will use her again. Thank you again.“




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