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Ready to Start Your Online Business?

Join Marissa Rocheleau of Linguabilities and Telepractice Connect for this FREE webinar jammed packed with helpful tips for getting started.

What Will We Cover?

Meet Your Host

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Join host Marissa Rocheleau, M.A., CCC-SLP. She is the owner of Linguabilities, a boutique special education and outpatient telepractice company grossing $1.5 million a year, Telepractice Connect, the first membership website for telepractice enthusiasts, and the author of several best-selling telepractice continuing education courses. 

Marissa is passionate about telepractice and online business. She started from nothing with a part-time private practice in Chicago, driving around to meet clients and making less than $40k/year. Now she helps others learn the ropes of starting their online businesses successfully and with the ability to scale and grow without having to worry about their next side hustle. 

When Is It?

Join us on Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 12 pm EST to learn all about how to start your online business!

Get Your Freebie

In our webinar, we'll discuss the Five Steps to Starting Your Online Business, which you can get for free here today! 

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